Engineering Program Overview

The one or two-year Engineering course builds basic conceptual and design skills by taking students from basic drafting concepts to practical and advanced design projects using the latest CAD software and techniques.

Students who are curious about how things work and are interested in mechanical design may be a perfect fit for this program. Upon completion of the course, students will have in excess of 425 clock hours of project-based drafting and design experience.

  • First-year students will be offered a combination of basic skills in  Engineering.
  • Second-year students are taught in a more advanced, independent style, where they will often have real client-based projects when available.
  • Students can take part in internships with local companies when they are available.

Program Content

  • Discover the basic and advanced skills for engineering careers while learning about engineering disciplines
  • Design and prototype products, then examine the design results through our 3D printer
  • Learn to read prints and even create a complete set of detailed drawings
  • Learn the professional skills and dress required for successful career interviews, including resumé and cover letter writing and editing
  • Learn how to choose and apply for colleges and scholarships to help pay for schooling
  • When available, choose between college after high school or a training apprenticeship where you can work full-time with all the benefits without having to attend college

Program Highlights

  • Understand the basic and advanced skills common to all engineering careers, while you learn about different engineering disciplines
  • Explore the process of design and prototyping and examine the results of your designs through our 3D printer


  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)
  • Certified Autocad User

Introduction to Drafting (15 hours)

  • Engineering/Design concepts
  • Measurement/Scales
  • Drafting standards
  • Orthographic projection concepts
  • Lettering/Sketching
  • Geometric constructions

Computer-Aided Drafting (180 hours)

  • File management
  • Introduction to AutoCad software

Students will be well-prepared for entry level employment or post-secondary college enrollment in an engineering-related field.